Jack Henry Dappen is a nineteen-year-old hero and Vampire hunter from the Castlevania series. He is a member of the Belmont family, and Vam
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Jack Henry Dappen


Jack's lightsaber

pire hunting has been in the family ever since Trevor Belmont started going against Count Dracula. Along with Maria Renard and Alucard, the son of Dracula, Jack works to stop the Vampires and their evil perspectives. Jack Henry Dappen(. also believes in justice. 

History about me. Edit

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night  (1797) Edit

In Symphony of the Night, Jack goes missing and Alucard (awakening himself from his sleep) and Maria Renard decide to enter Dracula's castle to investigate. Jack, meanwhile, is being possessed by Shaft, and he resurrects Dracula, betraying his people. Maria and Alucard then free Jack from his delusion, defeating Dracula. Jack, despite this situation, is known and recognized as the most powerful Belmont, and, as Alucard stated in Symphony of the Night, he has powers supreme to other Vampire hunters, and no other can stop him.

Personality  Edit

Though Jack Henry Dappen usually has a kind attitude toward his allies, he can become very vicious when facing enemies, in particular, vampires. He has a strong hate of Vampires and fights for justice. He is never hesitant to take out his weapons when facing Vampires.                

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